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Unique fuel for maximum performance

Gasoline with a high octane number now available throughout the Netherlands!

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Why competition 102®?

A high octane number will lead to a more efficient combustion and more power. An octane number is expressed in Research Octane Number (RON). The octane number of competition 102®, which does not contain ethanol, is 102. The RON number is an indication of the knock resistance of the fuel. If the RON number is to low, there may occur an incomplete combustion of the fuel. The more efficient the combustion, the more power there can be achieved from the engine.




Quality and production of competition 102®

The production and distribution of competition 102® is exclusively held by Salland Olie. competition 102® is certified according to the requirements of the European quality standard EN228 and it does not contain ethanol. competition 102® is transferred from private storage and driven by private tank trucks towards the gas stations. This makes traceability and continuous quality of competition 102® from refinery into your tank guaranteed.

Value Chain

competition 102® is tested by an independent certification agency and certified according to the requirements of the European quality standard EN228.

competition 102® for the demanding enthusiast

High RON-number
Ethanol free
High RON-number

competition 102® is available at more than 60 gas stations

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The fuel for maximum performance!
The fuel for maximum performance!